Hole 4 par 3 H.S. 18

Signature Hole.

Beware of the surrounding beauty  and the wind.
  • After the seriousness from Hole 3, taking a seat for relaxation at water drinking booth and taking a look beautiful landscape around teeing 0ff area and the green, Hole 4, probably make the better emotion.
  • Teeing off  from the blue pin in the distance 180 yards.
  • The white pin in the distance 180 yards, hit the golf ball easily.
  • Beware of the wind only.
  • The spacious green, aim to in middle on the green that the golf ball will be on there sure
  • Don’ t forget to warm up cause of moderate taking a seat at the booth, must check swinging the driver before teeing off.
Tee 1 : 152 Yard
Tee 2 : 141 Yard
Tee 3 : 121 Yard
Tee 4 : 104 Yard

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