Hole 3 par 4 H.S.8

Skill in chipping and putting is required.

  • The fairway is narrow with a little bit dogleg left that is squeezed by the trees on the right.
  • From the white pin, should hit the golf ball falling down to in middle of the fairway at the distance 190 yards, no hitting a left hook because the sand trap and the trees obscure the green.
  • Tee off full swing high up in the air/cross the tree cluster on the right, to put down the golf ball  at the  distance 220-230 yards, that will be the distance leftover of Shot 2 to go up on the green that is the best.
  • Go up on the green of this hole, the golf must go around and stop by using the short iron because the green is narrow and hard, if use the 7-iron or the 8-iron the golf ball will bounce and fall down to the back of the green.
  • Shooting out the golf ball to the dangerous green should set up Shot 2 to in front of the green, then chip-putt and making par.
Tee 1 : 360 Yard
Tee 2 : 334 Yard
Tee 3 : 324 Yard
Tee 4 : 300 Yard

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