Hole 2 par 5 H.S. 11

Full swing but must straight

  • The fairway is straight but it is narrow  and the canal is all the way on your  right.
  • Teeing off from the white pin, should tee off the golf ball falling down to in the middle of the of fairway at the safe distance 220 yards.
  • Beware of the sand trap and the pond on your right.
  • Shot 2, should hit the golf ball to the right the fairway at the safe distance 170-180 yards.
  • The remaining shot is to hit the golf ball up on the green, must hit it high up in the air to cross the sand trap and it stops immediately after falling down to the green.
  • Back of the green is the route of the golf cart and the canal.
Tee 1 : 549 Yard
Tee 2 : 519 Yard
Tee 3 : 488 Yard
Tee 4 : 443 Yard

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