Hole 16 par 3 H.S.14

Spinning ball is not recommended.

  • The trouble is the position of the flagstick-hole.
  • This hole, the surface of the green is the slope from the front side along up the top side.
  • Should set down the golf ball to be lower than the hole, which day the hole is in the middle of the slope, that day putt is sure fun. (keep on putting keep on scolding…..today……who drills the hole, Is it crazy?)
  • If the golf ball is front side of the hole for putting down, must beware of the weight to be soft enough otherwise the golf ball may slide to the edge of green on the down side.
  • Beware of the golf ball spinning back off, it may fall down out the green.
Tee 1 : 163 Yard
Tee 2 : 146 Yard
Tee 3 : 135 Yard
Tee 4 : 123 Yard

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