Krungthep Kreetha Association’s Regulations

Division 6 Board of Committee

  • Article 42 The board of committee has the responsibilities to manage and conduct the association’s enterprises to be according to the purposes and regulations.
  • Article 43 Those who have the rights to be elected as an Association President must be a member at least not less 5 years. For the board of committee, they must be a member at least not less 2 years.
  • Article 44 The association president elected as in article 33 (4) nominates association’s members to take a position of board of committee not more than 20 people as follows: 2 vice presidents, 1 secretary committee, 1 treasurer committee, 1 reception committee, 1 outdoor sports committee,  1 competition and committee, 1 indoors sports committee, 1 land and property committee, 1 Laws and regulations committee, 1 public relations committee, 1 register committee, 1 foreign relations committee, and central committee who will be in charge to any works as the president assigned not more than 7 people to be involved in being the board of committee.  
  • Article 45 The board of committee can hold the position not more than 2 years per time. When the term is done, the board of committee manages and conducts the association’s enterprises until the new board of committee will take the responsibilities. The ex-board of committee must hand over the duties within 15 days from the date the main conference elects the association president. The board of committee can hold the position not more than 2 terms per time consecutively. The regulations according to paragraph 2, there are no uses on the board of committee elected as the association president after holding the position for 2 terms consecutively.
  • Article 46 In case of any board of committee position is available before the term is done, The association’s president nominates association’s members to hold that position instead by holding the position as long as the term of the committee who they have taken the position instead.
  • Article 47 The association’s president may invite members to be the advisory committee not more than 30 people, and the advisory committee will hold the position not more than the term of the association’s president who invited.
  • Article 48 The board of committee must normally consult once a month.
  • Article 49 Managing directors not less than 5 people have the rights to inform in written to the secretary committee to normally provide the committee conference and direct other tasks besides the conference.
  • Article 50 The board of committee’s conference has to have the managing directors involve in not less than the half of them, and that will be a quorum.
  • Article 51 The president or vice president, depends on the case, will be the conference’s president. If both the president and vice president are absent, the rest in the conference will select one of the managing directors to be the conference’s president instead.
  • Article 52 Normally, the vote in the conference must openly conduct, except these regulations define otherwise, or there are managing directors offer to vote secretly.
  • Article 53 Besides these regulations define otherwise, the conference’s resolution will take the majority vote. If the votes are equal, the conference’s president votes for another one to judge.
  • Article 54 For each conference, the secretary committee thoroughly makes the report as a proof. Once the board of committee voted and approved the report, it has to be copied or recorded as a brief conference report which shows the conference date, the topic considered in the conference, and the vote the conference expose it on the association’s announcement board (except the topic the board of committee considers should not be exposed).
  • Article 55 Under the board of committee’s responsibility, the board of committee is authorized to invite any person to be a subcommittee to conduct one of the association’s enterprises.
  • Article 56 The board of committee is authorized to define the number of the positions and the rates of salary or the employee’s salaries or the association’s employees, including issues the regularities of placement, nomination, migration, demotion, infliction, and the leaving of the association’s employees.
  • Article 57 The board of committee is authorized to approve the payment for the association’s enterprises for the members’ common interest, but if the payment needs to be paid for a special case over one fourth of the association’s current balance the approval has to be first requested from the main conference.
  • Article 58 Besides these regulations, the board of committee is authorized to localize the numbers of every type of members.
  • Article 59 If the annual auditor position is available before the term is done, the board of committee invites the appropriate member to conduct the annual auditor position but must inform the next main conference.
  • Article 60 The board of committee is authorized to make a demand for the reparation from the members to pay back to the association.
  • Article 61 The board of committee is authorized to issue any terms or regularities which do not conflict to these regulations. Once they are announced within 10 days to the members at the association, then they can be enforced to the members.
  • Article 62 Except these regulations define otherwise, once the board of committee has voted for any issues, they are considered terminated.
  • Article 63 The board of committee has the definite authority to consider the definition of these regulations or other terms or regularities determined. The board of committee’s consideration and estimation are considered terminated and can be enforced to the entire members.
  • Article 64 The board of committee is authorized to deposit the association’s funds to the bank, finance company or finance and securities company which is a subsidiary of any banks. The association’s cheques must have two managing directors’ signatures according to the board of committee’s rules.
  • Article 65 The association’s receipts must have the treasurer committee or accountant or attorney and payee’s signature, therefore it is considered completed.
  • Article 66 Besides these regulations, each position of managing director is authorized and has the duties according to the terms and regularities the board of committee had issued and assigned.
  • Article 67 The association’s president is authorized to command every level of employee and to consider the appropriate punishment according to the case. The association’s president will assign the managing directors or any association’s employees to command the association’s employees in any parts with any authorities including the managing director or advisory committee demotion authority.
  • Article 68 The year of the association’s budget and finance begins from 1st January to 31st December each year.
  • Article 69 The managing director retires from the position by one of these causes as follows:
    (1)    Termination of being the managing director or the association’s president retires.
    (2)    Death
    (3)    resignation
    (4)    Termination of being membership
    (5)    The association’s president orders to resign
  • Article 70 Any the managing directors who are absent for the conference for 3 times consecutively without the approval of the association’s president are considered to be terminated of being the managing director.