Hole 12 par 4 H.S.3

Better play safe and depend on chip putt.

• Tee off is squeezed by the trees on the left to hit out the right.
• Tee off full swing, hit a draw out to the right and the golf ball comes into the middle of fairway, having an advantage over.
• Beware of Shot 2, in front of the green is trapped by the sand trap on the left and on the left.
• If hit a fade the golf ball falls down and stops on the green, it is good but very difficult because the green looks like the back of turtle 2 levels.
• If use the medium size- iron, should set down the golf ball in front on the green, and have a fighting by chip-putt.

Tee 1 : 402 Yard
Tee 2 : 376 Yard
Tee 3 : 358 Yard
Tee 4 : 329 Yard